24 May 21
Long Stay Promotion

Mau menginap lebih lama di Green Bamboo Residence? kamu bisa dapatkan dengan harga spesial dan denga...

24 May 21

Harga Special Buat kamu yang mau staycation di Green Bamboo Residence. Jangan ketinggalan promo nya....

03 May 21
Stay & Dine

Stay Sekarang JugaHarga Special buat kamu. Dapatkan juga free Dinner untuk 2 orangada menu pilihan u...

26 Apr 21
Halal bi Halal & Reunion

Bagaimana Puasa mu ?hayuk waktunya untuk Halal bi Halalkami berikan promo Spesial buat kamu yang ing...


D’Sky Bistro is an ideal place for a quick, affordable weekday lunch and dinner. This night-time spot off Kuningan CBD not only serves an excellent burger, but nearly everything on the menu is so tasty and affordable. And, if you’ve got the time, It’s also a fun, low-key place to drink outside for an extended foods.


Located on the first floor, this co-working space provides shared working stations for residents who want to work with other residents, and private office space for members who want a more personal work atmosphere.